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Why Use Push?

Eliminate Data Entry

No data entry or sorting required. Push auto extracts information from the image and populates the line item (date, vendor, tax, category).

eReceipts Management

Forward your email receipts to your custom @pushaccounting email and we'll do the rest! Have all your paper and electronic receipts centralized and organized.

Customize your categories

Not all businesses are the same. Push allows you to re-name or re-categorize any transaction! Add your own category and Push will automatically apply them every time.

Effortless Report Generation

Expense reports never looked so pretty! Just log online onto your Push account and generate reports the way you like them! Export to excel or PDF easily.

Access Anywhere

Everything is stored on the cloud so you can access your receipts anywhere using your mobile or desktop device.

Mobile and Desktop Application

Our dashboard will allow you to properly manage your expense receipts the way god intended you to!

Sales Tax breakout

Never fumble through receipts to figure out sales tax. Push will automatically extract sales tax details on your receipts so you don't have to.

Safe and secure

Push uses the same 256-bit encryption security that most major banks use. Your receipts are safely stored and secured.

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